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We Build the New Programmable Economy

We are building the new programmable economy. This new form of economy has as avatars different technologies including BigData, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Trust Networks (Blockchain). The digital transformation is the vehicle that allows you to find new business models or transform current ones in this new scenario. Kimuk has taken the road to these new business models and to this new economy.


Meet The Team



PhD in Computer Science, Telecommunications Engineer, Master in Executive Coaching from AECOP, director of TEDxSevilla conference and digital economy coordinator at EOI (www.eoi.es).

Previously he has participated and set up different start-ups focused on digital business and has been technology director of Sandetel SA, electronic business manager of Arthur Andersen, associate professor of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Polytechnic University of Madrid and University Alfonso X El Sabio de Madrid, and researcher at Stanford University, California, USA.



20+ years of experience focus in extensive business development and account management experience with major international clients across industries. He specialized in developing multi-million dollar strategic plans for large multinational brands, communication and social engineering strategies. He spearheaded the planning process and developments social media strategies among others activities, not only locally in the US but internationally.
CFCM, Finance and Financial Management Services at Georgetown University at Washington, USA,
Bachelor of Commerce & International Business Trade at University of Miami Business School.



15+ years of Business Management. Highly experienced on international deployment & investment planning experience (Hospitality infrastructure, general industry, real estate).
10+ years of companies financial statements auditing, CEO & CFO positions, having quite specific knowledge about distressed companies management and turn around Investment fund co-manager. Disruptive thinker and decision maker.


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In Kimuk we are looking for people to join the team. If the new economy and its business models is your passion, in Kimuk we are looking for people like you.